Heritage Revitalization Project

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Our First Goal
To Conserve, Restore, and Revitalize the Holy Trinity Cathedral Heritage site in New Westminster, British Columbia.

  • Long term Conservation and Public Safety;
  • Legal Protection of the Canadian Heritage Site;
  • Institutional Preservation;
  • Sustainability.

Our Story

Reconstructed after the Great New Westminster Fire of 1898, Holy Trinity is a historic parish, established in 1859, and is one of the first in the Mainland Colony of British Columbia.

It is of heritage value for its association with Colonel Richard C. Moody of the Royal Engineers, who chose the location of the church in his original plan for the City.

The first incarnation of this building was constructed of wood and burned in 1865, just five years after its completion. Its replacement was in sandstone, but even that could not withstand the Great New Westminster Fire of 1898 with exception of the Bell Tower, which remains today.

Community Role

Faith based institutions play a significant role in the development of a holistic community and Holy Trinity Cathedral is well aligned with current City of New Westminster and senior government policies and strategies regarding the impact of heritage preservation. Other critical functions provided by HTC include:

  • Providing space for community functions including programming, events and recreation for seniors, daycares and youth programs;
  • Hosting arts and cultural events;
  • Offering care, a sense of belonging and community counsel for disadvantaged populations;
  • Providing space and programming for recovery and health programs; as well as
  • Providing a place for people seeking fellowship and the opportunity to worship.

Our Challenge

The Parish is challenged by its current outdated facilities, aging infrastructure and high costs of rehabilitation.

This project will allow the historic HTC Parish to remain in its current location, and provide improved and expanded facilities for community use and outreach.
Project Fundamentals

  • The aging Parish & Community Hall will be replaced.
  • Parking available for Parish’s use during services will be increased and made available during the week to the community.
  • Funds will be generated to seismically upgrade and restore the heritage church structure.
  • An ongoing source of funds will be created for the upkeep of the heritage church.
  • An ongoing source of funds will be created to allow operation of the Parish Hall for Church and community functions.
  • Improved access to Skytrain.
  • A more suitable exterior gathering place and surroundings will be created for Parish and public use.

Who We Are

We are concerned citizens of New Westminster and the surrounding areas. As members of this Parish we wish to see HTC continue to be a social pillar of the community providing stability as well as community resource of great public and historic pride benefiting all citizens of New Westminster.

What You Can Do To Help

We would love to see the City of New Westminster come together and support this incredible project. To help with our goal we would love you to:

  • Write a Letter of Support (sample letter)
  • Sign and Share our Petition
  • Attend Public Information Meetings (dates and information will be posted to this site when available)
  • Attend Public Hearings on the project and show support (dates and information will be posted to this site when available)
  • Spread the word about this great project!