Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Women’s Prayer Group

The Women’s Prayer Group meets
Tuesday, February 26 at 11 a.m. in the church.

Stained Glass Window Restoration Update

The restoration work on several stained glass windows has been completed by AG Stained Glass in Victoria and the windows are being reinstalled. The windows on the north wall, chapel, tower, and vestry were removed in early January so that they could be cleaned and damaged or mis-coloured glass could be replaced. This first phase of work will be completed and the windows reinstalled in early March.

Taking a rubbing of the glass for records.

Getting ready for work and cleaning.

Using the oscillating tool to grind out the lead came and old cement.

After using the tool.

Windows in heated soak tank for cleaning.

Using the oscillating tool to remove the lead came and remove the glass.

Part way there.

Glass is removed to facilitate repair and replacement.

Glass is put back together and new lead came is in place.

New border leads in progress.

Incorrect glass removed.

New glass cut to fit.

New glass in place with new lead came

Additional progress photos

Coffee and Tea Fellowship

Drop by the hall Wednesday mornings at 10am and join us.

PWRDF: Your Support is Vital!

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund is still providing relief for the Nepal earthquake through ACT Alliance members Рfood, water, shelter and medical supplies. Please donate to support relief efforts there and in other parts of the world. Contact PWRDF for further information on how you can help.

Project 2020

Financial Update

WELL DONE EVERYON! At the beginning of this year, we began PROJECT 2020, a five year project that is focused around shrinking our cumulative deficit and growing our congregation. When we began this project back in February of this year, we were facing a $82,997 cumulative deficit budget, but thanks to your incredible support, we have begun to turn the tide around! As of May 31, our projected deficit is now at $72,696.

We still have a long way to go, but your extra contributions are working! Please keep up the great work, and join us by continuing to support the five priorities of PROJECT 2020.

This week’s focus is: Join our church!
If you are new to Holy Trinity, or curious about our community, take your time to get to know us, allow the ministries of this church to nurture your soul, and when it feels right, take that step and choose to join by filling in a Newcomer’s card located at the back of the church and explore how belonging to a faith community and connecting with others on the spiritual journey can be of great comfort and inspiration to your life.