Soul Work Experiences

Over the coming months we will be exploring different spiritual practices to help us on our Soul’s journey.

These experiences take place in a variety of settings and all are welcome! To register for one or all of these events, please contact the Cathedral Office.

Friday, February 23 (7pm-9pm)

The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice that has been utilized over a variety of different faith traditions as an entry point into connecting with the Divine. Through walking along the path, one is invited to prayerfully bring your thoughts and prayers to the Centre, allowing God to meet you there. It can be a way to seek clarity during times of transition, or to bring a particular need or prayer to God, or it might simply be a process of leaving behind the distractions of the world for a time and finding one’s centre again. Unlike a maze, you can never get lost in a Labyrinth, it is a process of gentle unfolding and revelation as you walk with the Creator God. Please contact the Cathedral Office for more details.

Friday, March 23 (7pm-9pm)

In Sanskrit, a Mandala can be roughly translated as a circle. A Mandala represents completeness. It can be seen as a metaphor for one’s own life as we seek to bring together the frayed edges of our human experience into a sense of cohesion and oneness with God’s Spirit and life’s purpose. Join us for a special night where we create through art our own Mandala as a form of prayer to God. No experience necessary, just come and trust the process to guide you along the way. Please register with the Cathedral Office so we can ensure we have adequate supplies.

Sunday, April 29 (8pm)

Join us for an evening of prayer and sacred music as we go downtown Vancouver to CCC for this ancient service of Night Prayer observed by religious for generations. Allow the music and words to transport you beyond the “changes and chances of this fleeting world” as we pray together words of hope and courage for the journey. For more information please contact the Cathedral Office.